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A strong base of crop protection developed at the erstwhile Kalyani University, followed by Bidhan Chandra Krishi Vishwavidyalaya since the early sixties, and similar centres developed at different agri- and general universities, institutes, KVKs etc., where a new generation of enthusiastic scientists is taking over the mantle of continuing the earlier lead through rational use of newly available technologies.

They strongly felt the need for a simple, holistic, interactive platform where all players involved in agro-technology, be they growers, dealers, industry, NGOs, scientists, entrepreneurs, or market managers, could get together and devise ways and means of growing, packing, storing or marketing healthy, wholesome farm produce on a sustainable basis Further, even with the information boom that is in vogue, it was felt that there is not enough platform and space for more coordinated interaction among the various nodal groups, less said, the better when one ponders over it in a national scenario. Hence, an Association for Advancement in Plant Protection is formed and registered. This Association, among others, proposes to issue a Journal and organise Group Meetings, Seminars, Symposia, Farmer's meetings, etc. in conjunction with various Universities, Institutions, private sector enterprises, NGOs, KVKs, Farmer's groups, etc.

The Association took the first step by issuing a quarterly newsletter through the active participation of all interactive groups. Click the link below for the activities of AAPP: