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The Association shall endeavour to contribute to all aspects of crop culture that lead to healthy plant growth and wholesome yield through various available technologies


It will endeavour to integrate and bring into the same ambit all the interactive players linked to the phenomenon of protecting crops and produce from the onslaught of pest attack, be it insects, pathogens, weeds or any other biotic component or losses resulting from abiotic stresses or misuse of products, implements, techniques, etc

It will organise workshops, seminars, symposia, colloquia, and group discussions on focal themes to absorb, integrate, and disseminate knowledge as it is generated by professionals. These may be at the local, state, national, or individual level, depending on the magnitude of the problem or development.

At professional level, it will endeavour to produce a Newsletter (s), a Journal, which may be named ‘The Journal of Plant Protection Sciences’ at monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annual intervals as may be decided by the Governing Body from time to time in a need-based manner, with the provision that a quarterly Newsletter will be issued with immediate effect.

The Association will endeavour to produce Technical bulletin, Extension leaflets and Pest surveillance and warning bulletins as and when needed.

The Association will endeavour to provide platform for interaction between scientists and growers at the ground level through Direct interaction, Group Meetings and On-site interaction

The Association, if necessary, may recommend persons for specific problems for which a directory of resource persons will be maintained by the Association.

The Association shall arrange lectures, debates, and discussions on a regular or occasional basis on various aspects of crop protection and its multifarious interfaces to be delivered by experts and authorities in the subject area of choice with the ultimate objective of upgrading and disseminating updated knowledge.

The Association may provide availability of funds, provide stipends or fellowships for prosecuting higher studies, or give prizes, books and other aids for both students and needy growers as part of a philanthropic mission.

The Association will be strictly a non-profit organisation and will not pay any reimbursement to any of its office-bearers except in exceptional situations of a specific nature.

The Association will try to develop a corpus of financial resources to meet its routine expenses, actual expenses related to its activities within the framework of its objectives, and surplus for item (i) above and for developmental purposes, etc., through membership charges as prescribed by the governing body from time to time and as donations from global resources.